Review & Assembly by Ragnaroll. 

(Assembly starts at 4:45, Skating starts at 13:42)

Unpack your SneekrSkates and assembly hardware.

Remove the trucks from the plates for easy assembly.

remove insole.jpg

Remove the insole from your shoe.

If your insoles are glued to the shoe, do so very carefully and slow.

position plate.jpg

Position your plate on the sole. The outline of the plate should have

the same distance to the outline of the shoe left and right. If your outsole is longer than your plate, make sure the overlap is the same front and back.

mark the position.jpg

Now mark the position of the mounting holes of the plate on your outsole.

A ballpoint pen refill is thin enough to fit the hole. Make sure you hold the pen vertically and mark in the middle of the hole.

Be careful not to slip around on the profile of your sole.

SneekrSkate Montage5.jpg

Drill the holes with a pin pointed rasping stick tool.

Position the stick tool with its pointy end at the marked point and slowly apply some force to it. Now start to drill a hole in the sole try not to slip away from your marking while doing so.

once you are really.jpg

Once you are really drilling through try to push the tool through the outsole.

Be careful not to stitch through the upper of your shoe. Once stitched through, rasp a real hole in the sole so you can fit the bolts in the holes.

Now push the bridgebolts through the sole from the inner of the shoe.

The front bridgebolt has a middle width and the back bridgebolt is the narrowest, while the middle bridgebolt is the widest.


Fix the trucks onto the baseplate again.

Fit the SneekrSkate baseplate on your outsole now, tighten the screwnuts with a size 8 wrench and put the insole back in your shoe.




Here is an alternative way to do it.